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Would You Like to Meet a Reinforced Learning (RL) Agent?
Augmenting Safety: AR, VR & AI

If you are not familiar with Reinforced Learning (RL) please get a briefing with this article: + Humans Are Underrated

Well now you can. Agence.ai is a simulated world....where you can interact with Reinforced Learning (RL) Agents

This is a "dynamic" short-film packaged into a mobile app to make it interactive like a game. It is dynamic because when you watch this story you interact with the RL agents that are in it. As you affect their world they will learn from you.

Agence merges cinematic storytelling, artificial intelligence, and user interactivity, So every time you watch it, Agence is never the same twice. It is a simulated universe, you have the power to observe or interfere with tiny AI creatures, called the “Agents”, as they react to each other and their world. Once you meet these little AI creatures, their story will never be the same because everything you do alters their environment and the learn from that.

When you first meet them, they are following a typical heuristic game algorithm. If you go into settings and turn on the Reinforced Learning AI for each of them, then they are RL Agents. As agents they have had countless hours of RL training and so they are capable of thinking and reacting to changes in their environment even if they have never seen a particular change before. There is one more thing.. Agence.ai is cloud based, so every time one of the millions of people who have downloaded the app runs the simulation and changes their environment the RL Agents learn more. They are continuously leaning from us and evolving.

Many Safety Professionals can see how powerful the technology of Reinforced Learning could be to protect their Organizations from constantly evolving hazards. However, If you are still having a hard time understanding why simulation is such a great way to train RL agents, watch the hollywood movie, "Boss Level" where a retired Special Forces officer gets a lot more serious injury and fatality (SIF) "learning" than he ever thought was possible. + Boss Level IMDb