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Who Protects Them When Your Not There?

KnowledgeKeeper is a location based safety system that enables everyone in a work force to map videos of inherent hazards, video journals of safe work practices and technical knowledge for critical tasks. This mapped safey knowledge protects workers 24/7 when safey coaches and subject matter experts are not always there.

KnoweldgeKeeper enables safey coaches to work at scale and remotely communicate with everyone in a work force. Not just the training folks or compliance, but every craftsman from top performers to newly hired apprentices can quickly use KnowledgeKeeper on their mobile, wearable and TV devices to capture, edit, upload and collaborate. Field safety coaches can now transfer their perishable knowledge as a normal part of their day to day work flow without having to write anything down. Using KnowledgeKeeper to visually learn from one another and for the organizaion to learn from its past mistakes is the core of meaningful safety.

Why is this important? Because no one of us is as smart as all of us. No one of us is safer than all of us. There is safety in knowledge. To create safety an organization must constantly refine and communicate its technical expertise in an atmosphere of trust.

KnowledgeKeeper's location based safety goes beyond required compliance by enabling a work force to rapidly map videos of inherent hazards and first hand safety knowledge that they use every day to execute critical tasks safely. This rapid transfer of safety and technical knowledge creates a shared level of safety across the organization as a whole from the CEO to the last apprentice hired.

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Built for Business

You want hand held video today for your field service team. You want a mobile strategy that will make them safer and enable them to operate with the high level of technial expertise required to keep them safe in daily, non-repetaive, cognitive operations.

KnowledgeKeeper for iOS and the Web immediately gives field operators the ability to capture, edit, upload and collaborate all without having to wait for an overburdened IT team.

KnowledgeKeeper was designed and built to use the combination of cloud and mobile devices to unlock the power of location based safety. KnowledgeKeeper is mobile and KnowledgeKeeper is wearable. From the control room to the conference room, KnoweldgeKeeper runs on Apple TV in stunning 4K to bring an organizaion's safety and technical knoweledge from the field to the big screen.


Hidden hazards pose the greatest threat to even the most qualified electrical worker.

KnowledgeKeeper tags video journals that you upload with Geolocations. Now you can make informed decisions and stay aware of hidden hazards no matter where you work.

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