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KnowledgeKeeper ② Safety Spectrum


Video hazard mapping to protect a workforce at scale. What's New in Version 2.0.0? • Support for iOS 14 • Support for Dark Mode • Collaboration: Helpfuls are now Up & Down Voted • Home: Popular Video Journals are now Helpful Video Journals • Context Menus: Goodbye Force Touch, Hello Long Press! • NEW Status Bar: New indicators for resolution [4K] and geolocation [Loc] • NEW Introducing "Safety Spectrum" with Video Hazards & Video Journals • In-The-Vin map has been redesigned to visually map the Safety Spectrum • Upload: Choose uploaded video to be: Hazard or Journal • Upload: Privacy Levels are Auto set: Me (private), Shared, Published • Fixed Bug: iOS 13+ videos stored in iCloud are now correctly downloaded • Fixed Bug: Us: Company Groups: Swipe left actions are now working correctly again • Other Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements KnowledgeKeeper ② Safety Spectrum Go beyond compliance and protect your workforce with KnowledgeKeeper location based safety. Person | Asset –– [risk] –– Hazard KnowledgeKeeper is a location based safety system that enables everyone in a work force to map videos of inherent hazards, video journals of safe work practices and technical knowledge for critical tasks. This location based safety knowledge protects workers 24/7 when safety coaches and subject matter experts are not always available. In the Vicinity Hazard Mapping • Map Location Based Videos of Hidden and Inherent Hazards • Hidden hazards pose the greatest risk to a workforce • Safety leaders can map videos of every inherent hazard in the company • Workers can visually see videos of hidden hazards at every location • Risk is reduced by decreasing frequency and severity of hazard-related events • KnowledgeKeeper is a digital safety system that runs 24/7 • Protect a workforce at scale Safety Spectrum • Meaningful safety is a spectrum of learning events • Video Hazards capture non-removable, inherent hazards that can cause harm • KnowledgeKeeper Safety Spectrum: Video Hazards, Video Journals • KnowledgeKeeper visually maps your Safety Spectrum Secure, Private 4K Video Journaling • Video is one of the most usable forms of safety in knowledge • Fast and accurate, nothing to write down • Every worker can contribute to the safety of the entire workforce • Capture accurate, task level work while work is done • Capture Work as Done NOT Work as Imagined • Capture "trial and error" knowledge from every experience level • Edit in 4K before upload using iMovie • Asynchronous knowledge transfer: Watch any time, repeatedly Mobile Video Collaboration • Up and Down vote if a video hazard or video journal is helpful • Invite a person or a group to review the video • Flag A Concern • Watch List and Save for offline playback when a network is not available • Video collaboration identifies improvement opportunities before they become SIFs or costly production miscues Library • Share, Publish and Approve workflow with notifications • Publish video journals to Library of Catalogs managed by company Specialists • A Library of task based videos enables an organization to learn from mistakes Privacy Levels • ME: My private video journals • US: Sharing for instant collaboration in Find a Video and In the Vicinity • Library: Publish to a Library catalog for approval by catalog specialist Create Private Communities of Practice (CoPs) • Non-Company User Support (contractors) • Sub Account Support (+99 business units or customer accounts) Apple TV • Share your best work on the big screen in HD withKnowledgeKeeper for TVOS • Pipe in situational awareness from the field to the dispatch center Made for Business • Secure, private login and self service password retrieval • Role Based Access (AAP, Instructor, Specialist) • Powerful in-App user administration • Priority in-App Support KnowledgeKeeper enables safety coaches to work at scale and remotely communicate with everyone in a work force. Not just the training folks or compliance, but every craftsman from top performers to newly hired apprentices can quickly use KnowledgeKeeper on their mobile, wearable and TV devices to capture, edit, upload and collaborate. Field service teams can transfer their perishable knowledge as a normal part of day to day work flow without having to write anything down. Using KnowledgeKeeper to visually learn from one another and for the organization to learn from its past mistakes is the core of meaningful safety. KnowledgeKeeper's location based safety goes beyond required compliance by enabling a work force to rapidly map videos of inherent hazards and first hand safety knowledge that they use every day to execute critical tasks safely. This rapid transfer of safety and technical knowledge creates a shared level of safety across the organization as a whole from the CEO to the last apprentice hired.