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Help with Finding a Video Journal

Getting Started

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<b>To find a shared video journal by its Title or Description:</b>
<li>Click the "Home" icon then click Find a Video Home >> Find a Video.
<li>iOS App: At the top of the view there is a search box. It is flanked by options to search by Title or Description of the video journal.
<li>Web App: Click Ctr-F to open the web browser's search functions and then type a search term.

<b>To find a shared video journal by the Author's First Name or Last Name:</b>
<li>Click US >> Everyone.
<li>Type into the search box to search by First Name (if using web app press CTL-F to use browser search functions).
<li>Click "Last Name" to search by Last Name of the Authors.
<li>Click on the Author and a table of his or her shared video journals will appear.