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That's Not a Video Camera, It's a Pen !

How long does it take you to write down all the steps in a standard operating procedure? And how do you include your technique not to mention all of the history behind the steps?

With the advent of User Generated Video you can create a video procedure much faster and much more accurately than you can write a procedure. In just 15-20 minuutes you can create great video procedures in stunning HD. Video also enables you to both remember and extend your reach in ways that are just not possible using the written word.

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Video Your Procedure

Learn How to Video Your Procedures, Methods & Observations

OpCon Technologies is hosting hands-on classes in San Francisco, Los Angeles. In these classes you will learn how easy it is to to video your standard operating procedures at work. You will also learn how to video other events at work like video observations and video tutorials. In the class you will be using both your smart phone as well as the latest hand held and hands free pocket video camcorders. You will learn how to use either your company's KnowledgeKeeper account or OpCon's Open KnowledgeKeeper account to share your video procedures and extend your reach to colleagues and co-workers via thier mobile devices including iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

These classes are being held at our San Francisco office and Los Angeles location. You are invited! If you would like to attend please register by clicking the "Register" button below.

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Learn How to Capture Your Technique

You will learn how to make video procedures that show and guide the viewer through a step by step process. You will work with your Smart Phone and the latest hand-held and hands-free pocket video camcorders. You will also become proficient with quick and effective techniques for ensuring that your videos have good light and sound.

Learn How to Video Other OJT Events

In this class you will learn how to setup video templates for other On-The-Job (OJT) events that can be captured by yourself and others including:

Learn How to Share Your Methods on Mobile Devices

You will learn how to extend your reach as a trusted resourece by always making yourself available in video form that is accessable right from any mobile device. In the class you login to your company's KnowledgeKeeper account or OpCon's Open KnowledgeKeeper account, upload your video procedure and securely share that video procedure with your colleagues and co-workers.

Share Using Mobile Devices

Watch a Video Clip of the Class